Charlotte Hummeluhr pride

Charlotte Hummeluhr



Charlotte Hummeluhr is

proud of her ears.


As a child Charlotte was

ashamed of her prominent

ears, but today she has

found pride in what makes

her special.

Nicolai Baaring

Nicolai Baaring



Nicolai Baaring finds pride

in his facial traits.


The traits are constant

reminders of his

connection to his mother.

Aske Holgaard Bentzen

Aske Holgaard Bentzen



Aske Holgaard Bentzen is

proud of his musical

abilities and interests

within the field of music

- sometimes verging on


Nynne Ravnkjær Pride

Nynne Ravnkjær

Nynne Ravnkjær is

proud of her ability for


Bue Tidemann Liberal Alliance pride

Bue Tidemann


Bue Tidemann is proud of

his work within the Danish

political party

Liberal Alliance